Sears 161-210400 Craftsman Engine Analyzer

This is a tool from the past. It was mainly designed for cars with point breakers - which has been obsolete for decades. I picked this up mainly to grab the current probe for the starter/alternator current mode as this is still used in modern cars.

After looking at this device a bit, I realized this does qualify as a "multimeter" as it does have Volts (16V DC / 32V DC), Ohms (Rx1Ω or Rx1KΩ) and current (100A or 400A DC). Plus it has dwell (AKA 0-100% Duty Cycle) and 1000/6000 RPM (AKA 18 or 100Hz Frequency meter).

The box, though huge, is mostly empty. However it does have a big spot in the back that the probes can be placed.

The device is powered by a PP3 9V battery. The meter uses a huge 1.6mA, 625Ω movement, which is the largest current draw - which happens during resistance measurement. Unlike regular VOMs the meter swings to the right when resistance is infinite. This means that the battery is constantly being used in this mode and battery life is estimated to be 200 hours. Don't leave the meter in this mode when idle if you don't want to change the battery every week. About 1.6µA current drain on the 9V battery when idle in voltage mode, which is virtually negligible.