Fluke 77 (Original Series) Digital Multimeter.
I now have two "quality" multimeters now, this, and my Tektronix. This is however the more versatile meter as it runs 1600 to 2000 hours off of a single PP3 "9V" battery.

The Fluke 77 is a 3¾ digit 3200-count integrating and autoranging multimeter. It has a fast update (around 25fps) fake analog meter at the bottom of the screen for fast changing voltages. It has AC volts, DC volts, AC amperes, DC amperes, resistance and diode/continuity check. There is a separate 300mV (probably 319.9 mV) DC mode for high resolution millivolt range. A button in the center of the select dial is used for range switching or holding the value.

Autoranging works as expected. OL is displayed during switching if the value is too high to be read (or if in resistance/diode mode and nothing is connected.)

The probes are unique: the probe cables are actually double ended shrouded banana plugs - either end can be plugged into the meter. Included with the meter are the probes and alligator clips that have female banana jacks that accept the cables. This means you only need to carry around one set of wires and have four possible combos of alligator/probe connections to your circuit.

Four self tapping screws hold the two plastic halves of the meter together. You'll need to remove the screws to replace the battery, which should not need to be replaced very often unless you habitually leave it on.

The only strange thing I noticed is that meter is slow at continuity checks. It takes a fraction of a second before the beeper sounds upon continuity.