The DS3100 ROM Monitor - Firmware Commands

autoStart Automatic Bootup
boot [-f FILE] [-n] [ARG...]boot machine, optionally select a file and/or arguments like single user mode
cat FILE...List contents of FILE
ctrsNetwork Counters
d [-(b|h|w)] ADDR VALDeposit data ("poke")
disable DEVDisable console device
With no parameters it shows all enabled console devices
dump [-(b|h|w)] [-(o|d|u|x|c|B)] RNGDump memory to screen
e [-(b|h|w)] ADDRExamine memory ("peek")
enable DEVEnable Device
With no parameters it shows all enabled console devices (?!!!)
fill [-(b|h|w)] [-v VAL] RNGFill Memory range with values
go [PC]Jump to memory location
help [CMD]Show help for a command
? [CMD]Same as help
initInitialize/clear memory
printenv [EVAR...]Print NVRAM variable contents
passwd -(c|s|u)Must be the firmware password setting command...
More data will be available as I find out about it.
I suppose -c is clear, -s is superviser, -u is user?
scsiscsi commands?
pb rs ri sp sr
setenv EVAR STRSet NVRAM variable to new value
t [ARG...]Run diagnostic
test [ARG...]Run diagnostic
-c ... show peripheral configuration
unsetenv EVARClear NVRAM variable
warmWarm Reboot
ARG is an text argument
EVAR is an environment/nvram variable
STR is a string
DEV is a device
CMD is a command
PC is Program Counter, a memory address
FILE is a filename on the disk filesystem
ADDR is a memory address

NVRAM Variables
bootmodeBoot Mode on startup...
'a' = Automatic, blank or '*' = drop to boot prompt on cold boot, 'd' Reset w/o selftest, 'r' restart. 'd' and 'r' are most likely for diagnostics.
bootdevBoot device for automatic startup
example: rz(0,1,0)netbsd
Boot file 'netbsd' on SCSI disk ID 1
User Defined, blank (no auto boot) on default
baud2Modem port default Baud Rate1200
baud3Printer port default Baud Rate9600
consoleConsole device
0 (Autodetect, use Framebuffer/Keyboard if they exist,
remember machine wont boot without keyboard and mouse)
1 Force CRT/mouse
4 Force modem console
8 (Printer port Serial Console)
9 Both display + serial console.
kbdKeyboard Type (1 through 16). 4 is LK2014
scsiid0SCSI ID for SII (Bus 0)7
systypeRead from R2000, read-only0x82012001
bitmapBad/Good memory bitmap location0xa000fcc0
bitmaplenSize of good/bad memory map location0xc0
inetaddrIP addr for tftp0
osconsoleTells what console OS should use, automatically set by firmware, useful when 'console' is set to 0 to autodetect. Code matches 'console' settings above.1