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My server, a computer that's always changing.


Current Home Net:
Actiontec (I)
Doujima (S)
Sumomo (P)
Diablo (W)
Subaru (S)
Hinoki (P)
Kotoko (P)
Fujiko (W)
Mikuru (P)
Miyuki (I)
Madoka (I)
Mughi (S)
Rinoa (P)
Ouka (W)
Cisco (I)
Fujin (P)
Yuri (W)
Chii (P)
Kei (W)


Running Linux/X11 on my Toshiba Satellite 200CDS(Dedicated to Aeris)
Running Linux on my Dell Inspiron 600m(Dedicated to Hinoki)
Running Linux/X11 on my Gateway Solo 5350(Dedicated to Rinoa)

Cheap SMP: my former computer

Computer case circuit hacks like LEDs and Fan mods

User Agents (friends page has real-time version)
My PMAX/DECStation3100 Webpage (Dedicated to "Diablo")

Ethernet MAC addresses
svc: bad request, some words about this annoying problem

ADStech MCE-306 tuner in Linux Yes, Windows Media Center Edition

Conexant Rockwell voice modem Tried to get my PC to be a voice mail server...

my damage to distributed.net RC5-64
my damage to distributed.net RC5-72
my damage to distributed.net OGR25
my damage to distributed.net OGR24


World of Warcraft on Intel onchip/onboard Graphics in Linux

Random electronic hardware
Random consumer electronics
OSM Stuff

4 Wheel Drive
All Wheel Drive
(unnamed), My Other 4x4 Jeep, ZJ, 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo

(unnamed), my 2003 Subaru Impreza WRX

"Tulita," my DSM, 1992 Plymouth Laser RS AWD

  • ECUView, 1G DSM ECU Quick Stat Viewer Project
  • My little RX7

    (SOLD) "Waggy," my 4x4 Jeep XJ, 1986 Jeep Wagoneer Limited

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    Pictures... (PUBLIC/General)

    Miscellaneous Warcraft 3: Defense of the Ancients and other Custom maps
    IllusionMUD II
    One Winged Angel and FF7 Spoiler

    For fun:
    Weapons of Mass Destruction
    Life Lessons from Tetris
    Business Lessons from D&D
    Bill of No Rights

    Personal Current Events

    Personal Propaganda

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